Stop Tax Increases

Kevin Carr is the "Tax Fighter" working against over a dozen tax/fee increases over the past 20 years. Kevin Carr supports legislation to set California's gas tax to the national average saving the average driver hundreds of dollars each year. Kevin Carr has a record of fighting new taxes/fees on residential property, commercial property, utilities, television programming, telephones, cell phones, sewer, trash, and sales taxes.

Solve Homelessness

The plans Kevin Carr helped develop removes the homeless from our neighborhoods, parks, riverbeds, rail road tracks, flood channels, and sidewalks and can be accomplished in ONE DAY. It should not take 2-3 years to provide shelter for the homeless at $500,000 to $700,000 per unit.

Infrastructure And Jobs

Our district needs more high-paying jobs, infrastructure improvements, and fewer taxes. The way we get there is by investing in education/training, better freeways/roads, and stop penalizing taxpayers. Our current property tax already provides for a better infrastructure when spent correctly AND without more increases.


Protect Proposition 13

As a Proposition 13 supporter and long-time Taxpayer's Association Member, Kevin Carr will encourage legislation to bring the homeowners property tax exemption up to date increasing it from $7,000 to $70,000 per year. Prop. 13 for both residential property and commercial property (split-roll) must be protected.

Infrastructure And Housing

California freeways are jammed and we are running low on water, electricity, and natural gas is below normal levels. We need to avoid future shortages. Building more high-density housing in high-density areas is not what we need. We need more roads and freeways and without tax increases.

21st Century Economy

21st century education includes collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Kevin Carr supports teaching our children these 21st century skills as we compete to keep high-paying jobs and bring new high-paying jobs to our area.